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CamelONE Trade Finance

Singapore's first multi-bank portal that enables traders to apply for any trade finance to any of our partner banks, digitally and instantly at any time of the day.

Available on the Networked Trade Platform (NTP), CamelONE™ Trade Finance is connected to NTP's secure repository, where all your trade-related documents such as Shipping Documents, Commercial Invoices, Bills of Lading can be safely stored. This enables data reusability and optimises the ease and speed of filling in multiple applications

Get real-time status updates on your applications, request financing conversion and various other servicing requests that have traditionally been paper-based into digital transactions. By leveraging the power of data re-usability of this portal say goodbye to mundane, repetitive data entries for recurring transactions and unlock the value of efficiency for your organisation.

Unified gateway

Gain access to trade finance products from multiple banks via a single sign in with easy CorpPass authentication.

Paperless application

Say goodbye to manual paper forms - electronic application forms with data reusability gets, more done in less time.

Real-time transaction status

Without reliance on mail couriers, a digital application means you can submit invoice financing or Letter of Credit transaction any time and track application status in real-time.

CamelONE Trade Finance

Higher productivity levels

Breeze through applications forms by reusing data from trade-related commercial documents.

More clarity, less confusion

Consolidate trade finance applications in one portal to reduce the risk of confusion and human error from managing multiple portals, reducing the rejection rates for trade finance applications.

Easier reporting & analysis

Retrieve all your trade finance application data from one portal instead of managing multiple sources for easier and more accurate reporting and analysis that aids better decision-making.

Greater speed & efficiency

Straight-through processing lets you enjoy faster and more efficient trade finance applications to multiple banks.

Easy access to a wide range of solutions for your trade finance needs

Letter of Credit

  • Letter of Credit (LC) Issuance
  • Standby Letter of Credit

Import Services

  • Import Pre-shipment Financing
  • Import Post-shipment Financing
  • Import Bill Collection
  • Import Loan/Trust Receipt
  • Shipping Guarantee

Export Services

  • Export Pre-shipment Financing
  • Export Post-shipment Financing
  • Export Letter of Credit Negotiation

Other Trade Products

  • Receivables Financing
  • Banker's Guarantee